Unleash your Motivation

We all have moments where our energy is low and we lack the motivation to go after our day. I think it’s important to understand that this is normal, but make sure you take action to not wallow in it. When your lack of motivation goes from days, to weeks, to months, then there’s a problem. Regardless of how long you’ve felt a decrease in energy, this post will help pull you out of it. You’ll find at the bottom of this post that I’ve also put a link to a motivation-on-demand audio I created. Download this to your phone so that you can have motivation-on-demand anytime you need it!

Lack of motivation…

…lack of enthusiasm, lack of energy can show up everywhere. It can affect us at home, at work, and in our relationships. Lack of energy can affect our fitness, our health, our nutrition, and our desire to go after our goals. It often creates a feeling of indifference. We’re not sure why we are unhappy and we’re not sure exactly what it is, we’re just dissatisfied. That can all be changed, today.

It can be that simple… if you decide that you’re ready for a change.

Change doesn’t happen because you hope it happens, it happens because you make a decision. You decide that you are ready to do what’s necessary to create the change you desire.

Honestly, you need to stop wallowing in it. Stop focusing on it. Stop throwing yourself daily pity parties and get over yourself. That might sound harsh, but it’s what you need to hear.

Because sometime you need someone to tell you like it is.

You need to have people in your life that love you enough to be honest with you, and maybe show you a little tough love.

Today, that person is me. Be ready to turn the volume down on that nagging, negative voice in your head, and turn the volume up on what I am about to tell you.

It’s time to take action. It’s time to move.

It’s time to realize that you are enough and that you are worth the effort. So get over it. Get over yourself. Stop focusing on the obstacles. Stop focusing on the hurtles. Stop focusing on the bumps in the road, and start focusing on the positive. See the good. Even if it doesn’t feel natural. See the good. Acknowledge the blessings you have. Be thankful for everything you have in your life right now. Take a moment to take them all in.

No matter what is in front of you, you can do this. You have everything it takes and it’s time to take action. So pull your shoulders back. Sit up straight. Open up your chest. Take a few deep breathes and as you exhale I want you to let… it… all… go!

Today is your day to take action, you’re going to do this. Nobody wants it more than you. Nobody deserves it more than you. You’ve got everything you need. If you’ve got a phone or access to the internet, you have access to the knowledge, the people, the resources and everything else you need to make it happen.

The tougher it is, the better you’ll be. Don’t allow the unknown to stop you. If you fail… get back up and try again. If you fail again… get back up and try again!

Your life goes into overdrive today. You’re done making excuses. You’re done letting others put you down or keep you from pursuing what you truly want. You WILL do this! You will get up every day, empowered, driven, and ready to take on life because you know in your heart and your soul that YOU ALONE are capable.

You’ve got this! I believe in you! Even though we’ve never met, I believe in you! Because I was once you and I’ve been where you are. So I know what’s possible!

Daniel Antonsson