conference in OSLO  29 of February 2020 

Our Mission
To create an impact in the world  by inspiring and giving the tools to the women to be able to live a happy and healthy life

Our Vision
1000 women participating at the conference HAPPY HEALTHY WOMAN 29 of February 2020 in OSLO

Major topics:

  • Wisdom of Love and Life

  • Secrets of harmonious relationships

  • Get in touch with your “Life force”

  • The mindset which helps to be happy and healthy

  • The importance of having high intentions in life

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Self-healing body

  • Women health challenges and solutions



A Unique Blend: teaching while singing in the musical/lecture „Awaken the Wisdom of Love“ with Amiya Insipiration www.amiyainspiration.com

Our speakers


Elisabeth Nordeng is always in development. Movement is the core of her life. The movement between the opposites that everything consists of, i.e. feminine and masculine, sorrow and happiness, discouragement and teeming expectation. Only when we human beings accept the opposites and the eternal dance between them, we can achieve full freedom in life.

For Elisabeth spirituality is to take full responsibility for the person you are here and now. The main intention behind the personal development program “Soulspring” that she ran during a 12-year period together with Märtha Louise was actually to make spirituality more human and give the readers and the course attendees applicable tools to understand more of oneself every day and in life. “Soulspring” was Elisabeth`s second longer period in life, where the collaboration with the Princess of Norway, lead to different courses within energy related work in addition to six books which are sold in more than 15 countries.

Elisabeth builds bridges through using a simple language to explain the correlation between human beings and the energies everything is a part of. It is when she dares to be personal in conveying her messages that she is in her best flow. Elisabeth feels that she is safer, stronger and much more in contact with herself and a source when she is personal.

“I am using myself as an example and I am as clear as I can be about own experiences as a human being on this planet. Hopefully, will something I say provoke and something be recognizable. It is by recognizing on yourself how things resonate with you that we human beings develop and grow”.

With her latest book “50 under the Full Moon” she gives a personal story about a lived life and the magic available to us when we take ownership of our own story and age. When we dare to take a deep dive into ourselves, our bodies, our feelings and dare to move from there, we will get in touch with our “Life Force”. Our unique “Female Force”.


Marie Gunnestad, (45) is currently the founder and CEO of the newly established Health Optimizing Øst. She is a medical doctor, nurse, speaker and trained mindset- coach. As a strong believer and teacher of how we create our own reality, she has come a long way on her own, continuous, journey. She has gone from unconsciously creating a life that made her depressed and sick and seeing herself as a victim of reality, to take full responsibility for everything she creates. It is so much more fun and easy than most people realize, to deliberately create a life with excitement and passion.

In November 2018 Marie rocked the stage in LA talking to 2500 people about her passion: That you have everything you need already inside you, and that you are much more powerful than you think when you start looking inside instead of constantly looking for approval from the outside.  Your health and mindset are inseparable, and starting the Health Optimizing  Øst Clinic perfectly combines her background with her passion.


Josh Whiton US citizen, is an international speaker, coach and impact entrepreneur blending technology and business with active care for the planet and human health, happiness and consciousness. The companies, projects, and planetary interventions he serves aim to harmonize society with nature, catalyze a regenerative economy, and elevate human consciousness.Projects include the transit-tech company TransLoc, for which he was named a Champion of Change by the White House. TransLoc was #5 on Fast Company's list of the most innovative companies in transportation and was recently acquired by the Ford Motor Company. Josh also co-founded one of the first urban farms in the southeastern United States, helping thousands of people each year to participate in a more beautiful food system. His latest intervention is MakeSoil.org.


Andre AMIYA Pabarciute (born in 1986) is a spiritual and personal growth teacher, the founder of many self-development programs for women, couples, and individuals as well as the founder of a successful teaching centre in Lithuania, a best-selling author and sought-after singer, composer, and producer.

AMIYA is the founder and the leader of a self-development and personal growth centre „SoulAction“, learn more: www.soulaction.lt/en. During the last 12 years, it has already transformed the lives of thousands of people. AMIYA is also an author of two best-selling books on self-development and spiritual growth for women and couples. She is a sought-after motivational, transformational speaker, who started her own development as early as at the age of 14. Already at that age, AMIYA immersed herself into many spiritual practises and travelled worldwide meeting and learning from the most prominent teachers.

AMIYA'S professional musical career began at the age of five. Since a very early age, she showed extraordinary talents and won numerous musical awards as a piano player and as a singer. At the age of 14, AMIYA started her path as a jazz singer, composer, and a producer of different art projects. She released 3 improvisational jazz albums. AMIYA was awarded as one of the best experimental jazz singers in the world. Since then, she created numerous musical projects with famous Lithuanian actors and directors for theatre performances, world-class jazz and electronic music artists, such as Sainkho Namtchylak, Bobby Few, Anhidema, Leon Somov, Jens Gad, Klaus Kugel and more. She produced several psychological-dance performances herself.



Thomas Aksnes, comes from a family of renowned scientists in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, and high technology. He is internationally recognized as the authority within the fields of health technologies, self-regulating mechanisms, and health optimization. He is the founder of Health Optimizing Ltd (www.healthoptimizing.com – currently under reconstruction), HealthTech Sciences AS (www.htsnorge.no ), and Holistic Ecohouse AS (www.holisticecohouse.com ).

Thomas started his mission initially to find solutions to his own health problems. He self-studied after high school to learn more in less time, and to avoid too much focus on old models that he knew from experience didn't work well, such as the pharmaceutical model. Thomas built the first research clinic in 2003. His entrepreneurialism is driven by the goal he set almost two decades ago; to shift the worldwide medical paradigm to one where the intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms are supported to perfection, thus minimizing the need for pharmaceutical intervention. Thomas has developed a unique high-tech clinic concept successfully being used in many clinics, represented on 5 continents. His unique methodology combines state-of-the-art technologies from all over the world and focuses on assessing and solving all the causative factors as well as the problem itself, and finally stimulating the body’s own mechanisms to solve the challenges. He has found ways to solve many health challenges that conventional and alternative medicine has failed to solve. 

Thomas Aksnes has been a keynote speaker at more than 100 international health conferences since 2005 in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Hungary, France, USA, Cuba, South Africa, Singapore, and the Caribbean. He is also a best-selling author, empowering and educating people on how to live a healthier and longer life through awareness and making appropriate lifestyle changes.



Suzanne Lundborg, born 1968 in Sweden, is the founder, owner and CEO of Lundborgkliniken AB (www.lundborgkliniken.se) and the webshop-company Halsopaketet AB (www.halsopaketet.se) in Gothenburg and has 25 years of health-related experience.

Suzanne completed a 4-year programme at the University of Gothenburg with focus on Pedagogic and Nutrition and has later continued her education with further specialisation within Nutrition, Nutritional physiology, Micronutrition, Basic medicine, Biochemistry, Food chemistry, Technology-based medicine, Coaching and Conversational therapy.

Before starting her own Health coaching business in 2008 Suzanne worked both as a Salesperson and Teacher. Despite her knowledge about nutrition and health, Suzanne got very ill in 2010 and after having tried everything the conventional health system could offer with no positive effect, she was introduced to technology-based medicine and for the first time, she found solutions to her own health problems. Motivated by her own improvements Suzanne established her own clinic by the end of 2012 which currently has more than 10 employees. Suzanne has developed her businesses while at the same time raising 3 children as a single mother. 

During the last 10 years, Suzanne has been speaking at different conferences in Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and in the US with focus on empowering people to take responsibility for their own health and provide simple tips how they can easily optimize their health in a busy life situation. Suzanne is very much focusing on why people get ill and is a firm believer in utilizing the leading-edge technologies available to identify the causative factors and stimulate the body`s own healing mechanisms with specific technologies and lifestyle coaching. But, above all, Suzanne is teaching how to live to avoid getting ill in the first place.


Haavard Helmen is an executive coach, serial entrepreneur, speaker and CEO of 2 companies. For the last 10 years he has been working as an Executive. Corporate Coach for more than 50 companies over an extended period of time. He has a track record of proven results and specializes in leadership, business execution, sales, behavior change psychology and neuroscience.

He has for almost 3 decades studied most of today’s profiles in the personal development industry, and for the last 5 years studied neuroscience in the context of personal and organizational health.

Within his interest of learning how neuroscience, neurobiology and epigenetic play a very powerful part in our life, he will address how our thoughts and emotions impact our physical well being, and ultimately our health.



Nancy Bakkemo, (48) is currently working at the Health Optimizing Øst Clinic. She is a nurse, a trained student teacher and a certified intuitive coach. Nancy is born in Årdal, in the western part of Norway, and was brought up there and in Moelv by Mjøsa - in a family where sports played a huge part. Training and healthy food were in focus from a young age.

Being a nurse for 21 years she has a broad spectre of experience and is specialized in the heart/lungs. She is also well-known amongst her students and former co-workers for her fun, captive and enthusiastic speeches/lectures.

It was not until she started her journey three years ago introducing intuitive coaching in her own life, that she became a true believer of how we deliberately create our own reality.

Nancy`s mission is to empower children, teenagers and adults to recognize the value of being your own best friend and support through everyday life. Make this basement strong. After all, what you think about yourself means the most, and if you feel good no matter what life brings you to manage to stay true to yourself and to your dreams and make them real.

Kevin Frøystad 2.jpg

Kevin Frøystad is a Norwegian entrepreneur, therapist, mental trainer and coach who with his heart-warming and competent approach has transformed thousands of people during the last 20 years. His passion and gift are to help people to better lives. He is mainly focusing on questions like why some people are happy while other people are sad, and why are some people in good health while others are sick. Can we decide which feelings to have? The answers he found have changed his own life completely and now his mission has become to give other people the same enlightenment.

A Unique Blend: teaching while singing in the musical-lecture „Awaken the Wisdom of Love“

AMIYA'S professional musical career began at the age of five. Her most recent repertory is a unique musical-lecture: a deeply moving conversation with the audience about the wisdom that we are all able to awaken within ourselves through boundless, selfless love. In this encounter, AMIYA speaks of the many aspects of love, about the psychology behind love, about the many ways we have to open up for this deeply nourishing fountain of wisdom in our lives. All found within. Here, AMIYA creates and uses music as a powerful way to transfer the qualities she speaks of with music. Because music, being alive, emotional and moving, helps to bypass the safeguards of the mind and directly touches and heals the hearts of her listeners. In this musical-lecture, AMIYA also uses many audience involvements and transformation techniques such as questions for the audience, mental exercises, body-polls, short meditations, personal life reflections and much more. Here, music serves as a powerful means to assist in conveying spiritual, psychological, and educational messages directly from the teacher to the listener.

This beautiful musical-lecture comes alive with the help of two other magnificent human beings and professional musicians: Agne Doveikaite and Vytis Smolskas.

Agne Doveikaite is a professional violin player, who plays with prestigious orchestras such as „Kramerata Baltica“, which is worldwide known and holds a Grammy award. She is also a winner of many international contests. Due to her international merits, Agne received a prestigious acknowledgement from the President of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus.

Vytis Smolskas is an especially talented and well-recognized musician, who is passionate about the extraordinary capabilities of keyboard instruments, as well as limitless creativity unleashed by jazz and improvisational music.


Reviews about „Awaken the Wisdom of Love“

⁃ This is not just music. This concert is an inspiration to lead a different life! AMIYA’s music (as well as AMIYA herself!) reminded me how incredibly wonderful it is to live a life full of love.“ – Maria
⁃ „I was most astonished by the professional level of singing. That, what she does with her voice, is unbelievable! She is able to create - to sing - voices of birds, nature and even electronic music!“ – Aurimas
⁃ „I was deeply moved, mesmerized and impressed. Rarely do you get to experience so much positive energy, love, warmth at the same time! Not to mention that all of it comes with a blend of transformative wisdom and knowledge! After this event, so many things in my life started to change and transform. This was beautiful!“ –Ingrid