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By being a part of Elevate Scandinavia you will extend your reach and potentially get speaking engagement across the whole of Scandinavia. Since we partner up with international event organizers and other international speaker promotors, we might be able to offer you world wide assignments.


we make all of your business thrive

What separates us from our competitors are many thins. First of all, we don't represent "thousands" of different speakers, making you just one in a million. No, we are very selected with whom we chose to work with because we want YOU and your whole business to thrive through us! Therefor we're also giving you the opportunity to sell your physical products (books, your own seminars, DVDs etc.) and your online products (e-learning courses, e-books, online videos etc.) If you don't have these kinds of products yet, don't you worry, where here to help you create, promote and sell them for you. That's nothing that you can find elsewhere!



By using our online plattform for your educational products you'll be up and running selling your online products in no time. You can choose if you want to use this service or not, it's all up to you. But think about it, all of a sudden once you're up on the stage, you now can have a huge potential of offering more of your products to your audience! How nice isn't that?!


other services

We are specialized in promoting speakers and seminars. That has made us pretty, pretty  good at marketing and sales. We can offer several trainings and tools that will help you grow your speaking business on your own.

who are you as a speaker?

We're only looking for highly inspiring people who has an extraordinary ability to capture the attention of a large audience.

You also need to have a willingness to promote other products and services of yours except the speaking gigs, such as your books, online courses etc. If you don't have these kinds of products yet, we will help you create them.

About your speaking gigs. Even if we can help you with speaking training and re-shape your current speaking content, you'll need to have a well proven content and a topic that historically has been proven to attract an audience as well as it's a topic and content that will still attract a large audience in the future. (Elevate Scandinavia focus on the areas of Business, Health and Life and your topic should be in any of these areas.)

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