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Master Franchise License

Master license opportunities available for Asia, Europe, North America.

As a Master Franchise license holder your job is to recruit new Franchisees in your area.
You will train and support them as well as plan and co-arrange our yearly events and seminars.

Some of your time is spent developing new products and services that will benefit both the Franchisees and all of our clients.

You'll be part of the global strategy team and you'll have much to say in terms of business development for Elevate International.


Franchise License

As a Franchisee your job is to scout for potential speakers and recruit them to your team and negotiate contracts so that you can represent them. (You have of course access to Elevates' whole list of speakers.) You will pick, plan and co-arrange yearly events and seminars (from Elevates' product line) which you promote and sell tickets to. 

You will continuously look for suitable companies to partner up with and make affiliate deals. 

You will also work with the development of your speakers products and services (online courses, e-books, physical products etc.) that will be offered through Elevate.


Sales Partner

Start your own sales company, or make Elevates' products part of your current product portfolio. 

Your job is to promote Elevates seminars, events and products. Your not limited to a specific geographical area, so you can promote and sell Elevates services all over the world. One day you can sell tickets to the 2-day Millionaire Show in Miami, the next day you'll promote the one-day event "The Success Formula" in Stockholm, and the day after that you might be promoting the new online course from one of our top speakers.




  1. High growth/high demand business.
  2. No specific industry experience required.
  3. Complete training and ongoing support.
  4. Flexible working hours. 
  5. Home/office based.
  6. Be part of one of the most inspiring business networks in the world.


No Specific Industry Experience Required

You do not need to have an event background. By following our proven system – with the help of our training centers, and support infrastructure – you are well positioned to promote sophisticated and inspiring events and seminars.

Complete Training and Ongoing Support

At Elevate, we put the power of inspiration into your hands. We provide you with complete training, tools and the ongoing support infrastructure necessary, enabling you to achieve your business, financial and personal goals.

Be a Part of The Elevate Family

Become a part of the network of men and women who have taken their entrepreneurial spirit, managerial skills and business development capabilities to a place of security, professional freedom and personal success.

We are currently looking for partners at these locations:


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New York


Los Angeles


San Francisco


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Hong Kong

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